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Polecam Skeleton Rig for Ronin/M/MX & Freefly MoVI


The Polecam "Skeleton Rig" has been developed to enable the swift and easy mounting of the DJI Ronin/M and Freefly MoVi gyro stabilised gimbal systems using their existing "wedge plate" and "toad in the hole" mounting systems respectively.

The “skeleton rig” is a very cost effective solution providing the opportunity for the gimbal system owner to take their cameras and skills literally to the next professional level. Creative and dynamic sequences can be achieved - and as ever, no tools are required in the configuration.

Based on the globally recognised Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+) the skeleton rig is the perfect camera and gimbal platform for any venue or occassion.

Maintaining the modularity of all Polecam products, the rig can be extended from its standard 3 sections of carbon (3.5m reach) to an impressive 5 sections of carbon (6m reach) by adding an extra 2x #PM020A carbon sections.

Supplied as standard, the Wire Strut System (#PE100) works in perfect harmony and provides that extra support and stability when operating in extreme and variable conditions that test the best of cameramen and gimbals alike.


Polecam Skeleton Rig
Polecam Skeleton Rig spacer RC Mount Part  spacer Gyro Adapter
Gyro Adapter   Gyro Adapter   Fixings
Ronin Remote Control shown mounted to the Skeleton rig boom        
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  • Specifications
  • Recommended
• 1x Backend Section
• 3x Carbon Sections (Full)
• 1x Monitor Mount
• 1x Wire Strut System
• 1x Gyro Adapter
• 1x Remote Control Mount
• 1x Protective foam insert
• 1x Cardboard box
See pdf Download to the right..


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