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Polecam Camera Jibs
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Polecam Jibs

Polecam Jib Systems

Polecam is a unique, no-fuss single operator broadcast quality camera jib designed in a modular configuration providing operators with the flexibility and option to fly state of the art HD Minicams from the likes of Camera Corps, Indiecam, IO Industries, Live Motion Concept, Panasonic and Toshiba to name but a few; all of which have the ability to be taken underwater too. The Polecam Limited although synonymous with minicams has further developed its range of electronic Pan & Tilt heads to accommodate the latest in the larger cameras to include the market leading Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Canon C300, Panasonic 171/250, RED Epic, Sony Nex700 and many more - and, not forgetting the DSLR range of extremely efficient cameras outputting stunning footage.

Designed specifically with a super lightweight aluminium backend with military grade carbon fibre sections, the design is globally recognised as a market leading lightweight camera jib that is highly portable, quick to rig and operates either off battery or AC supply. It will mount on a standard lightweight tripod and dolly or via the Polecam body harness for complete mobility.
Polecam gives you smooth, floating crane shots, raising the production values of any programme whilst giving you new angles that would otherwise be hard to get any other way.

Polecam Pro Pack spacer

Pro Pack (PPP)

The PPP retains the Polecam ethos of a modular product and can be configured with any of the 3 new precision electronic pan & tilt heads Long, Wide or Narrow; and with the addition of an extra cable or two, can accommodate the Fishface underwater head and the very low profile 2010BB head.

Polecam Pro Pack

Polecam Starter Pack+ spacer

Starter Pack+ (PSP+)

There are three new pan & tilt heads to choose from when selecting your Polecam Starter Pack PLUS.

Polecam Starter Pack+

Polecam Starter Pack spacer

Starter Pack (PSP)

The Polecam system uses Carbon Fibre tubes that slot together to create a reach from 1.5m (5') to 8m (26'). The System is designed around a modular aluminium 'back-end'.

Polecam Starter Pack

Polecam Skeleton Rig spacer

Skeleton Rig for Ronin/M/MX & Freefly MoVI (PR070)

The Polecam "Skeleton Rig" has been developed to enable the swift and easy mounting of the DJI Ronin/M and Freefly MoVi gyro stabilised gimbal systems using their existing "wedge plate" and "toad in the hole" mounting systems respectively

Polecam Skeleton Rig

Polecam Underwater System spacer

Fishface Rig

The remote head with Pan & Tilt is fully submersible and provides smooth and seamless uninterrupted live transmission of "air to water to air shots". The PSP+ Fishface configuration provides a reach of 3.5m from the tripod allowing the remote head in typical applications to operate in depths down to 1m.

Fishface Underwater System

Medical Rig spacer

Medical Theatre Rig #PR018M

The perfect system for providing a flexible 4K and/or HD camera platform for medical theatre applications.

Polecam Medical Rig