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Latest News

Polecam IBC 2018

Polecam at IBC 2018

Polecam ventures to the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam with the New Polecam IntelliJib - remote boom and remote head system, whilst configured with a double height Autopod powered elevation unit - providing yet another unique and unseen range of movements working through all axis.
The IntelliJib is not only the perfect camera platform for behind goals in football (providing the "thru net technology") but ideal for other sporting and stage events when remote an unobtrusive camera platform is needed.

See the IntelliJib in Hall #10C51 in collaboration with Argosy Cable in addition, Polecam continues the close business liaison with Panasonic in Hall #11C45, with the bespoke software and dedicated Panasonic desk driven double Autopod system with multi PTZ camera mount accessory, including the compac cable management system too.


F1 Monza 2018

Polecam at Monza

Yet again Steve Giles and Steffan Hewitt traveled to Milan for the running of the legendary Monza race in front of an adoring Tifosi crowd willing on a Ferrari win.

Giving unique shots from the end of the pit lane, on the grid and the podium was halted at one point with a deluge of rain on the Friday giving the Polecam wet weather covers and the new head cover a true test!

Armed with an Antelope 4K camera and an Ereca CamRacer 12G fibre kit, pictures were sent and received to the F1 Broadcast Centre.


Learning from the experts: Architecture with Chris Smith DOP and Polecam Owner Operator - Zerb Autumn 2018 issue

Polecam Starter Pack Plus with Long Head

DOP and Polecam Owner Operator Chris Smith of Positive Angle Media sent us his latest news as published in Zerb (Guild of Television Camera Professionals)

Chris started out with a Polecam Starter Pack Plus with Long Head using a Canon 5D Mk II and MKIII, progressing through to the Canon C300 then the Sony F55 and currently uses all the latest trending cameras. By adding a couple more carbon fibre poles to his rig, and the wire strut system, Chris is well setup for any shots out to 6m that are required and, is all neatly packed in the single Pelicase 1770 with protective foam insert If you are familiar with George Clarke's "Amazing Spaces" then you are familiar with Chris's work; it is just one part of his impressive and growing portfolio.


Tom Paterson of Forager Films “gets in the swim” at Loch Lomond, Scotland for the European Games 2018 Open Water Swim

Polecam filming European Games 2018 Open Water Swim

Probably one of the most challenging events I've ever done with the Polecam - as pictures were being beamed live across Europe from a small boat over a mile out, on the very variable waters of Loch Lomond near Glasgow, UK.
After some extensive research I decided to use the FS7 camera body with the hand grip from the FS5 (as it works better remotely) on four metres of poles and the Ronin MX stabiliser due to its stronger motors. DJI make a counterweight kit for an extended wedge plate which enabled me to balance the camera with the Sony 18-105 lens. This meant that I had to counterbalance the whole rig with 38kgs which had no mean pendulum effect when the boat was moving at speed or the wind got up.


Cliff Diving - Swiss Style

Polecam filming Cliff Diving

Not content with complicated watch mechanisms - cliff diving needs a lot of building too!

John Gillan again providing unique shots. Next stop Copenhagen city centre harbour.


Those film boys!!!!!

Ronin M gimbal on the Polecam with an Alexa mini

A photo of the Ronin M gimbal on the Polecam with an Alexa mini on board, shooting for an American drama series called London Kills. Can't say much more than that really about it except they could only use a Polecam on a balcony to get some shots swinging out and looking down to the ground. That's what it's for.

I did giggle though when I turned up and they presented me with their initial thoughts of a rig set up. See my two shots - before and after!


Polecam at Brno

Polecam filming Ferrari

Mauro Ielardi was at the Automotodrom Brno for the Ferrari Challenge with Simone Bardella and seba Accorrà.


Love Your Garden - ITV

Polecam with Sony A7sii camera fitted

DOP and Polecam Owner Operator Simon Glass has recently completed work on the latest series of ITV's 'Love Your Garden' with Alan Titchmarsh.
The series took Simon around the UK where he used his Polecam Starter Pack Plus configured with a Sony A7sii camera, with a Sony 12-24 E Mount Lens recording onto an Atomos Shogun.