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Latest News

SkyJib at Forever Living Products Global Rally 2019

Polecam Skyjib

The Globe, Stockholm, Sweden 10/11th May 2019. SkyJib made its conference/stage show debut with John Gillan's JG Broadcast and Creative Technology. The 4.5m boom was mounted in the lighting truss above the catwalk and close to the stage. Fibre was used for video/data back to the operating position with Rob Wick and Steffan Hewitt controlling the boom and the camera (AJA Rovocam), rigged into the truss.

Providing unique and unobtrusive shoots with no floor space needed and rigged in less than an hour, SkyJibs operating capacity is expanding from sport to many other arenas.


BBC Arabic Awards

Polecam filming at the BBC Arabic Awards

John Gillan of JG Broadcast Jibs Ltd at the BBC Arabic Awards. A Polecam was the perfect choice here at the BBC sound studio as it was positioned on a compact balcony. Using the very useful toshiba camera and Fuji 17XT lens was an ideal choice for the live event.


Biathlon World Championships 2019

Polecam - Antelope Pico 350fps slow motion filming - Biathlon World Championships 2019

A busy season in the snow for Pink Elephant. Fresh from the World Championships in Åre, Tommie Rekstad has just got back from the Biathlon World Championships. Working with Ani from Live Motion Concept and an Antelope Pico again. The Polecam was used in many different positions including the start and out at the tracks in the woods and among the spectators giving live and 350fps replay pictures.

Production were delighted with the content that the Polecam/Pico contributed to increase the speed and the excitement of the images.


SkyJib at TPI Awards 2019

Polecam Skyjib filming at the TPI awards

Battersea Evolution was the setting for the TPI Awards 2019, where excellence in live event production is recognised with 1400 guests.

Rhodri Shaw's Transition Video, hot off the Catfish & the Bottlemen tour, brought the SkyJib along as part of the awards ceremony. Operated by Steffan Hewitt and Rob Wick, the SkyJib, equipped with a AJA Rovocam provided jib style shots with no floor space lost.


SkyJib goes Rock & Roll

Polecam Skyjib filming rock concert

Transition Video took the SkyJib on it's first R&R tour with the up and coming band, Catfish and the Bottlemen. Arena gigs in Nottingham, Wembley, Plymouth and Hull saw the SkyJib hanging from one of the lighting truss'.

Bruce Selkirk was tasked with the one man operation of the system utilising an AJA Rovocam. Seated at the side of the stage the SkyJib gave jib style shots of stage and crowd but with no 'footprint' on the floor.


Dutch FA Cup Semi-Final flies a Polecam

Polecam filming Semi-finals of the Dutch FA cup

Thijn Teeuwissen and Edo Kuipers of Polecam Operators NL filmed the Semi-finals of the Dutch FA cup (Johan Cruijff schaal) between Feyenoord and AJAX @ footballstadium De Kuip in Rotterdam. Feyenoord lost with 0-3!

The Polecam was behind the goal and shoots thru the net of the goal as well as moving up along on a track & dolly.


X-Games 2019

Polecam filming at X-Games 2019

Polecam in the snow continues with JG in Aspen, Colorado shooting the Winter X-Games for ESPN. Using the Antelope Pico camera on the Polecam gave some great super slo-mo replays as well as live shots and the Polecam was repositioned all over the park.


Pictures from the Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019

Polecam portable Camera Crane filming at the Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019
Ready for race!
spacer Polecam portable Camera Crane filming at the Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019

Tommie Rekstad & Peter Frick have been braving the elements in Sweden.

"We are still struggling whit the weather here. Today we had to move down the start again due to high wind and heavy snow. I have both my Polecams here. Peter is doing the Polecam/Pico a little way down the slope and I´m doing the starts, women and men with my SinaCam. The way we produce this event is really special. The Director is located here in Åre with a vision mixer but all other technical and OB truck such as sound engineers, CCU guys, Slomo operators etc are located in Stockholm, 650 km from Åre. We are hooked up to the SVT building in Stockholm via a 100GB fiber connection where all the traffic goes and in case the line falls down we have one more that can go in and no one will notice. It all seems to work fine."

However, when the weather turns...

"The hard part is to find the right fiber when we have to move fast 400m down to a reserve start hut in just 20 minutes with five cameras, sound and light and all other stuff thats included in this (Commercial banners, Start gear etc). If its possible I just strip the polecam from Camera head and weights, take it on my shoulder and ski it down. If we move up we need help from skimobiles. Cheers! Tommie."