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Polecam gets the EPIC treatment

Polecam Camera Crane in a remote location

Arctic Gateway recently begun work on producing 'Through The Mist'. The opening shot was designed and after much consideration, a Polecam was the best way to get the shot.

"Shooting in a remote location posed several issues for the team, firstly power. Polecam being a fully battery powered system saved us money on generators. In addition to this, there was pressure on the deadline for this shoot. Polecam's quick and simple rigging process meant we were able to use much of the day to work on other shots on the location. Ultimately using a Polecam saved us time and money, we will definitely use it again", said Producer, Ally Adams (MIPS) of EpicTech (

Director - Georgia Holloway, of Arctic Gate. "As well as being logistically simple, the Polecam system was massively effective at getting the shot we wanted. The scene required a very stable camera to create the feel of isolation. The Polecam system with a DSLR mounted to the head worked very well and ultimately got exactly the shot we had envisaged from the start."

Polecam System used for film

Through The Fog is a short film written by Arctic Gate. The film is being released in March 2016, but more information can be found at

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