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See the amazing Resolve Optics HD Zoom lens at BVE 2013

See Polecam and Polecam Systems on stand G16 at BVE 2013, ExCel, London Feb 26th - 28th

Resolve Optics HD Mini Zoom Lens

London 29th January 2013 – Polecam Systems will be at BVE2013 not only with a selection of their highly acclaimed Polecam rigs with various head options, but with a collection of other products from their ever expanding range of specialist small profile HD cameras, HD lenses and accessories.

Highlight of this range is the new Resolve Optics Ultra Compact HD Mini Zoom Lens Z10-HDcf, designed to complement small profile HD cameras such as the renowned Toshiba range.

This 10X, C-mount lens design utilises cutting edge technology to enable the lens to be kept very compact. Floating cell technology allows the moving cells to be compact and light which in turn allows smaller motors to be used to drive the movements. Low dispersion glass is used to keep the length of the lens compact and still provide a quality HD image. The design also allows for an impressive f/1.8 aperture to be maintained throughout 4/5th of the zoom travel with a minimum aperture of f/2.8.

The lens was specifically designed to work with three interchangeable rear cells for 1/3" 3chip, 1/3" single chip and 2/3" single chip sensors. The rear cells are customer changeable. At 45mm square and 100 mm (2/3" version) long the Z10-HDCF is truly compact yet has the optical performance of a much larger lens.

Also on show will be the classic full Polecam rig with the BB Head (Ball Bearing),  7th Heaven with an amazing 8 metre reach,  the new Narrow Head, the Wire Strut System, the PSP +, Starter Pack PLUS with the new Long Head and with the Single Wire Strut System. This head will take the Canon C300, Sony 700 or Panasonic AF-101, as well as a range of popular DLSR cameras.

The CamRanger system allows WiFi control of DSLR lens zoom and focus.
With an operating range of up to 150ft, the CamRanger provides a huge amount of control and flexibility over your DSLR camera and allows you to see the live view image when your camera is placed in a remote location, or on a Polecam.

Cameras on show will be the Toshiba HD range, IndieCam, and the GoalCam system.

Polecam's add-on FishFace underwater housing will be there, along with the new Wide FishFace housing, which will take the Panasonic POV camera.

The new backwards compatible Polecam interface unit will be there, featuring variable DC power and USB charging ports.

Steffan Hewitt will be present, along with Stephen Rutherford and Terry Halliday, Engineering Manager.