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Goalcam Camera Systems

The ever increasing demand for new and innovative technology enabling sporting action to be captured Live with instant Playback in slow motion or 4K to the ever hungry viewers, is of paramount importance to equipment manufacturers and production companies alike. Polecam manufacture and continue to develop new ground breaking techniques and products for such demands; be it Football (Soccer for some!); Hockey, Handball, Basketball and more – these systems take you in to the action as never before.

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GoalCam - Static

The GoalCam system consists of Toshiba one piece single chip CMOS cameras outputting 1080i or 720p (switchable) with full HD-SDI output 1920 x 1080 pixels at 50/59.94 frames per second. These great little cameras are fitted with special Theia Ultra Wide Angle, low distortion lenses to capture incredible in goal action.

GoalCam View details

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GoalCam - Mobile

GoalCam Mobile is a low profile rig that allows minicam placement right behind the goals, bringing stunning new live 4k and Ultra Slo-Mo action to the viewer. The Antelope PICO and the Toshiba IK series of minicams with their high resolution lenses are small enough to discretely peer through the goal net, offering spectator's views as if they were indeed standing in the goal themselves.

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