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Remote Control

Zif Controller spacer

Polecam ZIF (Zoom.Iris.Focus) Controller

The ZIF controller can be used as a handheld device or clamped to the boom of any Polecam and provides a solid and comfortable point for boom control; whilst providing the operator with Zoom, Iris and Focus control during shoots.

Zif Controller

Remote Control Panel spacer

Remote Control Panel

The new Mark IV Polecam universal Remote Control Panel (RCP) provides comprehensive control of up to six camera types using a single balanced audio sine wave data signal.

Polecam RCP Remote control panel

Canon C300 Grip Relocator spacer

Modified Zacuto Grip Relocator for Canon C300

The Canon C300 removable grip attaches directly to the boom of any Polecam system via a bespoke mounting bracket which is designed and manufactured by Polecam.

Canon C300 Grip Relocator

Sony FS5 Grip Locator spacer

Sony FS5 Grip Relocator Loom, LANC & Power Tap

PolecamhavedevelopedaLANCextensionCableandPower system which can be added without modification or tools to the Polecam and Sony FS5 camera systems.

Sony FS5 Grip Relocator