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Autopod Elevation Unit

Autopod is a continuation of the Polecam ethos of providing a "platform" which is a remotely operated programmable telescopic elevation unit for use with Rigs, Cranes, Remote heads, Cameras, Speakers and more....

The unit can be used as a standalone system on a stage, in a studio, behind a goal, conference venue, or remote location such as a golf course to provide an unobtrusive camera position - great for the spectators whilst not interferring with the artistes, players action, presenters or the sequence being shot.
Each elevation unit is supplied with universal cheese plate providing the ideal platform for your chosen object to be mounted to securely with machine screws to include 1/4", 3/8" and 6mm and 10mm Using these plates also enables the individual units to be stacked upon each other 1, 2, 3 or 4 units high to enable greater height to be achieved whilst maintaining a low profile.

Additionally "upstands" can be used to increase elevation, these are available in 250mm sections and can be stacked accordingly as required

Key Features

  • Elevation Range 55cm to 125cm
  • Payloads up to 70kg
  • Soft Starts and Stops
  • Programmable positioning x 3
  • Remotes via Foot pedal and or hand controller
  • Powered by Mains or 24vdc
  • Modular and stackable
  • Quiet operation


Polecam Autopod
Autopod Case Open   Cut out in the Autopod Case   Polecam Autopod
Ronin from above   Ball cameras fitted on a Polecam Autopod   Polecam Autopod with Toshiba Camera
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Remote Control and Power

The unit/s are powered via the Autopod Control Unit (ACU) enabling Mains or 24vdc operation. Providing power and control for both the foot pedal and small keypad controller which can be mounted at any convenient point to suit the installation requirements.

Options Available

  • Cheese plate with 1/4", 3/8" and 6mm & 10mm machine threaded holes
  • 100/75mm Bowl plus adapter ring • Single upstand providing 250mm extra height
  • Double upstand providing 500mm extra height
  • 600mm Dia Base plate 


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Antelope PICO Polecam Autopod Datasheet

Antelope PICO Polecam Autopod User Manual

Interactive Brochure Polecam Autopod User Manual (view online)