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Archived News Stories

  • Coldplay now touring with Polecam and Thundering Jacks

    Coldplay live

    Thundering Jacks now has their Polecam on the Coldplay world tour, video director Andy Bramley knew the Polecam could add a a new dimension to the show.
    Phil Woodhead from Thundering Jacks flew out to Copenhagen for the 1st show of the European leg of the world tour.
    They used a Polecam fitted with the Camera Corps HD Minizoom, and RCP and an elbow.

  • Megarampa in Brazil

    Megarampa with Polecam filming at the top

    The fourth Brazilian Megarampa edition happened for the first time at Rio de Janeiro with the most popular skaters and BMX riders in the world, like Bob Burnquist, one of the Megas mentors, and is on that short list.

  • New carbon poles are stable in the wind

    Tom Paterson

    Tom Paterson the UK's Northern-most High Def Polecam Owner Operator on the world's largest sculpture in human form unveiled in Northumberland recently.
    Covering the event live for BBC Breakfast News was quite a challenge says Tom " At dawn the wind was fairly gentle but by the time we were on air it was gusting strongly especially out of the shelter of the mounds. The first "hit " at 06:50 I was working from the top of the left Breast and caught the wind as the presenter rounded the crest but the new set of carbon poles worked well to reduce the shake and my own-design Hi-Hat base gave the tripod a solid grounding. I did feel a

  • Jumping Stars in the Netherlands

    FishFace underwater camera housing

    Polecam Operators NL (Edo Kuipers & Thijn Teeuwissen) are shooting for a Dutch TV-show called 'Sterren Springen' (Jumping Stars), a show where TV celebrities demonstrate their skill and technique diving into a swimming pool.