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Archived News Stories

  • Polecam Antelope Pico at IBC 2014

  • Polecam booth interview - IBC 2013

    Steffan takes us for a tour of the mincams and accessories available on the Polecam stand at IBC 2013.

  • Polecam IBC 2013 Interview

    Polecam's Steffan Hewitt interviewed at IBC 2013. Steffan takes us through some of the top cameras and lenses available from Polecam.

  • More Polecam and Red Epic

    Polecam with a Red Epic Camera Fitted

    Bachir in France has sent us more pictures of his Polecam in action. This time with a Red Epic.

  • Taking Polecam to New Heights

    Polecam in Ibiza

    Chris Taber ( in Ibiza for the AMS show 'You Live in a What?'

    Shooting with his Polecam & a C300.

  • Polecam at Versailles with Bachcam

    Polecam at Versailles with Bachcam

    One of the most experienced Polecam operators, Bachir from Paris has sent this clip for a web-documentary for the european channel TV5Monde, produced by TV5Monde and Versailles Castle. Bachir got his first Polecam back in April 2004.

    Shooting started in october 2011 with the Iconix then the SONY HVR-A1 and now with the DSLR CANON 5D Mk 2 & 3.

  • Polecat Cameras still going strong with Muse!

    Muse Live

    Rob Wick and Polecat Cameras continues touring with Muse. Sometimes with one and sometimes with two rigs.

    They now however are using the Wide Head as they also shoot with a 5D.

  • Red Bull Cliff Diving - BOSTON 2013

    Polecam Filming Red Bull cliff Diving in Boston USA

    John Gillan from JG Broadcast jibs seen here set up and ready to go again at this years Red Bull Cliff Diving event from Boston USA.

  • Polecam with GoPro underslung - Tom Patterson/Forager Films

    polecam with GoPro underslung

    This is the Polecam head with a GoPro Hero3 Black underslung as used by me on the Great Scottish Swim on Loch Lomond the weekend before last.

    The pictures from the GoPro were fabulous as I was able to sit the waterproofed camera just into the water whilst the swimmers raced past. The Toshiba , using the 4mm lens, gave a slightly tighter shot from a few centimetres higher so the two worked very well together but great care had to be taken not to drop it too low which would have drowned the main camera. Using the WiFi output of the GoPro gave me a picture reference and stop/start ability on my iPhone.


  • Polecam at BIRTV

    BIRTV Show

    Thanks to our distributors in China DPSHK for their many years of support and a very successful show at BIRTV.