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Archived News Stories

  • Cliff Diving Update

    Polecam filming Red Bull Diving in Bosnia

    The RedBull Cliff Diving event reaches Mostar in Bosnia this month and John Gillan of JG Broadcast Jibs was there again with his gimbal headed Polecam catching some of the best diving in the world.

    "On the end of the 7metre long Polecam, I'm using my trusted Toshiba HD1 camera with the new Fuji 17x zoom lens with the Polecam ZIF handle. Some extras I use include the Black Magic Analogue to Digital converter and a Tiffen Infra Red cut filter to tackle that nasty IR."

  • Heart of the Sea a Ron Howard movie

    Heart of the Sea

    Many thanks to Polecam from Henry Landgrebe.

    As the Minicam Supervisor on the Ron Howard feature film "The Heart Of The Sea", I worked very closely with Steffan and the his team at Polecam to develop a waterproof housing and camera system that filled our demanding brief. They modified 4 of their housing to meet our needs giving us iris & focus control of the cameras. They even provided spares as we were not only shooting in studios but in extreme locations too.

  • Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Polecam at Goodwood Festival of Speed

    This will be the 10th year that Polecam has appeared at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    Mark Sallaway has done at least the last 8. He can't quite remember!!!!!! Chris Hyde before that.
    It's a no brainer in this position. Great shots and unobtrusive from the other camera," said Mark. A joy to work at except when it rains!"
    Mark has one 2D and 3D. The signal is sent via 1 mile of fiber to the Scanner which feeds live pictures to the big screens around Goodwood grounds, ITV, Sky and MotorsTV.

  • Now THIS is how to use a Polecam/FishFace and there's more.....!

    Chris Taber sent in this video clip. From the Commonwealth Games Triathlon, a new shot and one for all future swims surely?!

  • More WW1 Centenary Filming

    Prince Harry filmed with Polecam for Sky TV

    Polecam was out again filming Prince harry this time for ACP Productions with Hanif Khan operating.

  • Polecam at Commonwealth Games 2014

    Commonwealth Games Polecam Jib

    2 Polecams were out in force in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games with Chris Taber and Lammo.

    The aquatics saw the rigs out in the open water, the swimming and the diving.

    Good job - thanks guys!

  • Bachir and the making of.....Les Pretres

    Polecam in Action

    Some great shots and a great video showing the making of the video with a drone as well.

  • Richard Hookings with the Polecam and Canon C300 on the latest series of Sherlock For the BBC

    Filming on the set of Sherlock

    The multi BAFTA award winning drama is now on its third series and for this particular episode the production team had to achieve a fairly challenging shot from a very narrow balcony 5 floors up in a hotel in London and Polecam was chosen as the camera crane to deliver the goods.

    "The balcony was extremely narrow and even rigging the Polecam was a challenge in such a tight space. The bedroom that led to the balcony was barely big enough for a single bed and the balcony floor space, with all it's wide ledges, was half the width of the tripod spreader at its narrowest point. A makeshift platform was built to

  • Still using my Polecam with AMS

    AMS Pictures using Polecam camera Jib

    Can you believe AMS Pictures bought their THIRD Polecam and I thought I was done for sure, but they went and rented me and my Polecam for the entire summer!

    It's been great. Anyway here's a few pics from our latest trip to Miami. I was working on an HGTV special called "Creepiest Homes in America", another AMS Pictures production. We are at the Deering Estate in Miami Florida. As usual the Polecam came through and allowed me to get in places that traditional tripod shots just can't get! Not to mention the ease of moving my Polecam around the entire complex, inside and outside!

  • Polecam and RED in Hollywood

    Polecam Long Head with RED Camera

    Young film makers on the Reducation summer camp in Hollywood recently got to grips with using the Polecam.
    The Long Head is fitted to the Polecam allowing RED cameras to be used to capture super high-end footage.