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Archived News Stories

  • Starter Pack Plus in Media School Work

    Polecam in action

    Polecam Distributor TEKNOAV presented a Polecam workshop using the new Starter Pack PLUS with a Wide Head at the Media School in a town called Virrat (at campus) , Finland. The School name is TAMK (Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu /Virrat.
    (TAMK=Tampere University of Applied sciences)

    20 students and two teachers took part in the workshop.

  • Mazda, Polecam and the Wall of Death

    This was a job that Polecam Owner Operators, Cutting Edge Productions, did for a production company called Dumpling Productions. They were woking for Mazda cars, and the brief was to drive a Mazda 2 round a Wall of Death.

    Yes, you did read that correctly, drive a Mazda at 90 degrees around a Wall of Death!

    They loved the Polecam, and it gets a specific mention in the behind-the-scenes clip.

    Tim Matthews of Cutting Edge says "The challenge was to show the viewer the sheer height of the walls. To put a camera into angles that just wouldn't be obtainable without the Polecam. The brief was to defy gravity with the camera while a few foot below they did the impossible."

    Here's a clip of the final edit:


  • Grab a Polecam at 0% finance with CVP in April

    Check out the CVP Deal Here

    Polecam has always been competitively priced – but it just got more affordable, with broadcast equipment seller CVP offering 0% finance on the Starter Pack version of the crane until the end of April 2012.

    The company’s strong but portable, lightweight jibs are designed by cameraman-inventor Steffan Hewitt, Polecam’s Managing Director.

    He said: “Our kit will enable you to get you a massive variety of shots you simply could not achieve so quickly, professionally or cost-effectively by

  • Polecam 3D in Spain

    This week a reference centre for new visual technologies and 3D production, The Walqa Technology Centre, opens in Huesca, Spain.

    For the inauguration a 3D virtual tour of the building is being prepared. This LaPolecam of Aragon commissioned Broadcast ( and expert operator, Luis Miguel Cordova, recording moving images using a Polecam fitted with a Wide Head and a Panasonic AG-3DA1 Full HD 3D Camcorder.

    "We used the new Polecam Wire Strut System offering some very smooth flights with 4 sections (4.5m reach) and a 3D camera on the Wide Head!"

    "The result is a spectacular