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Archived News Stories

  • Low Tech Rules!

    Minicam in a bottle

    Michael Hartzell, working for Camera Corps and OBS at some recent summer and winter sporting games, has a superb low tech solution to camera covers. A Leatherman taken to a coke bottle for a Toshiba IK-HR1S for the skiing event and an Evian bottle for rain cover in a London event flying it on a Polecam with a Toshiba IK-HD1.

    "If they can put ships in bottles - why not cameras." Why not indeed!

    Thanks Michael.

  • The Coldest Journey

    Anton Bowring with his Polecam

    Anton Bowring sent these pictures of the Polecam on the boat on the way to the Arctic with Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

    The crew were using a Panasonic 250 with a modified Varizoom controller giving all the lens controls needed.

  • Muse - Still Touring

    The latest photo from Rob Wick touring with Muse.

    7th Heaven, Camera Corps camera, slip ringed Narrow Head.

    Lovin' It!!!!!

    spacer Muse being filmed using a Polecam



  • Invasive Films and Polecam film an emergency tracheostomy

    Polecam in an operating theatre

    Polecam were happy to work with Invasive Films and Director Helena Smith on Tuesday 23rd April at the Charing Cross Hospital in London to film an emergency tracheostomy medical training film.

    A short Polecam with 1½ Polecam sections and an elbow in conjunction with a Camera Corps camera (Sony HD-11) was used for the filming. Recording was done at 50Mbs on a nanoFlash recorder in 720P.

  • Polecam NAB Stand

    NAB 2013 Steffan Hewitt being interviewed

    At the NAB Show, Steffan was interviewed by the infamous Jon Pratchett not only on the Teradek booth but also for TV Bay/Broadcast Live.

  • Polecam at NAB 2012

    If you didn't get the chance to visit Polecam at NAB here's a picture of what you missed(!) and a link to a video interview at NAB with Steffan.
    For further information contact or call +44 (0)1234 855222.

    The key new products on show at NAB from Polecam included the new Polecam Wire Strut System, our Canon C300 friendly Long Head, the great Microbe 3D mini Mirror Rig designed for Polecam by

  • Polecam reveals the IndieGS2K and wows the crowds at NAB

    The Polecam booth (C5340) at NAB will see the launch of IndieCam's keenly-awaited IndieGS2K this week – a miniature 2/3 inch CMOS camera with global shutter.

    The camera combines the highest possible image quality with super compact size (it measures just over 1 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches by 4 inches and weighs just 6 ounces) – making it versatile enough for feature film making and high-end broadcast production as well as 3D shoots.

    Steffan Hewitt, Polecam's Managing Director, said: "The IndieCam guys will be on hand at our stand at NAB to demonstrate this brand new product – which is launching at NAB.

  • Polecam Wire Strut System at NAB

    Polecam, the UK's leading lightweight camera firm, is showing its newly-developed Wire Strut System for the first time at NAB at its booth (C5340).

    The Wire Strut System, launched in the UK in February this year, is designed to give added stability to the pole while still retaining the crane's trademark flexibility and versatility.

    Polecam's cameraman-inventor and Managing Director, Steffan Hewitt, said: "We're excited to be showing our new wire strut system for the first time in the US.

    "It has been developed by working closely with experienced UK and US-based Polecam operators and we think it

  • Polecam Long Head at NAB – Canon C300 users love it!

    Polecam (booth C5340) is showing off its newly-developed Long Head at NAB – it's the first chance US cameramen will have to see the new pan/tilt remote-controlled head which is already proving a hit with Canon C300 users in the UK.

    The head was specially designed to meet demand from users of the Canon C300, the Panasonic AF-101 and other cameras of a similar size and weight – it's being shown at the Polecam booth with the C300 during the show.

    Polecam's strong but portable lightweight carbon-fibre jibs can be mounted on a standard tripod giving cameramen a reach of up to 26ft with the remote-controlled head of their choice – this includes the Wide

  • Mini Mirror Rig designed for shooting 3D

    Mirror 3D rig

    Brand new at Polecam’s booth (C5340) for NAB is the Mini Mirror Rig – designed specifically for shooting 3D with miniature cameras such as the Toshiba IK-HD1 and the new Indiecam GS2K.

    The Mini Mirror Rig can be used in standalone mode or on the Polecam Wide Head.

    Polecam’s cameraman-inventor and Managing Director, Steffan Hewitt, said: “We are extremely excited about the newly-developed Mini Mirror Rig by camBLOCK – using this with our Wide Head will mean that shooting close-up 3D has never been so easy!”