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Archived News Stories

  • 4K Polecam in the West End

    4K camera being used with Polecam in a West End Theatre

    Using the remarkable 4K Panasonic GH4 camera we provided 2 picture sources in one go whilst working on the latest promotion for a London West End Musical recently. Recording on-camera in UHD (3840x2160, 25p at 100Mbps) it was possible to send a full HD down-converted SDI signal to the vision mixer via a Black Magic HDMI to SDI converter box.

  • Hookings goes for the heart!

    Polecam in an Operating Theatre

    First time in surgery filming heart bypass with the Polecam and even though Richard Hookings has been a Polecam owner operator for more than 12 years he has never used his rig in surgery so this was quite an exciting shoot.

  • Kit Plus February Edition

    TVBAY story spacer TVBAY story spacer Extreme slow motion filming

  • PSP+ for Music Video

    Ben Peters using Polecam

    Ben Peters on location of recent music video shoot, March 2014.

    I recently had the opportunity to try out the PSP+ from POLECAM, it was utilised for 3 shots in my recent project.

  • More Pictures from the Winter Games

    Polecam at Sochi

    A special thanks to all the Polecam Operators at the Winter Games for making us look so good!

  • Polecam in Cambodia

    Polecam in Cambodia

    BBC History at the world famous Angkor Wat, here at the big moat at the front entrance. More photos to follow.
    Paul Jenkins, a great Polecam fan (except when it's windy) took the Polecam to Cambodia for this programme to be aired in the autumn.
    "This shot skims over the water and then up and up to reveal all the terrible tourists going in to one of the world's greatest temples at sunset."
    "The rubble sack is a great addition to the Portable Polecam, freeing us up from 20kg of counterweights"
    The program does not have a title at the moment, but is for BBC1 History and will be shown in the autumn.

  • Offtrax Polecam Training

    Offtrax training

    ...and reclaim the cost of your course against your first hire of the Polecam !

    Add the versatile Polecam to your, or your operators' CV! - Perfect for those quick turnarounds, and small crew shoots!

    Our morning course will equip you, or your nominated technician, with the know-how to build the Polecam, leaving the afternoon free to practise new skills and get some hands-on operating time.

  • Pompeii - The mystery of people frozen in time

    Filming for the BBC

    Aired by the BBC last night "Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time."

    Can also be seen on the BBCiPalyer - Click Here

    John Gillan of JG Broadcast Jibs here on location in Pompeii, Italy for a BBC documentary that re-examines the impact of this ancient tradgedy.
    The delicate relics of bodies were encased in glass caskets and impossible to take out to film close up in any detail.

  • Polecam raises the bar for weddings!

    Polecam used for wedding

    On Saturday 23rd of March The VIP Studio ( were commissioned to shoot a Sikh wedding at the stunning Havlock Gurdwara followed by a grand reception at The Grove five star hotel in Watford, UK.

  • Exploding Peli Case for TV Bay

    Exploding Peli case

    Richard Hookings with Polecam and FS700 filming an exploding Peli Case for TV Bay magazine and the Broadcast Show Live.

    With an explosives expert on hand and numerous cameras including the FS700 on a Polecam shooting at 400 frames per second this was the next chapter in the 'tested to destruction' series for Broadcast Show Live.