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Archived News Stories

  • Polecam on the spot!

    Polecam Camera Crane filming laundry

    Steve Rausch with Focused Motion used his Polecam to take the spots out! The job was to capture a product demonstration for a laundry detergent built for delicate fabrics. What's neat about the product is it's engineered for cool water and can be used to hand wash or machine wash.

  • Polecam ‘mooves' into Squash

    Filming Squash with Polecam Camera Crane

    Nev Appleton of brought in the Polecam Pico with Mark Sallaway operating for some tests and the Canary Wharf round of the PSA tour in England.

    Shooting at 200fps allowed some rather unique angles!

  • 'Wildernis Onderwater’ (Underwater Wildlife)

    Widernis shoot with Polecam Camera Crane

    The last couple of months Thijn Teeuwissen en Edo Kuipers have been working on a new project, a series of wildlife documentaries about the wilderness underwater, which will be broadcasted by the Dutch public channel EO NPO1 on April 2016. For the shoot they did several tests with the Polecam Fishface and different types of cameras from Toshiba and the good-old Iconix.

  • Polecat is out on tour again with Muse!

    Polecat cameras with the Polecam system filming Mews on tour

  • Stefan Otto gets arty!

    Otto Filming with Polecam Camera Crane

  • Anton Belmonté takes Polecam to the West End Shows!

    Polecam in the West End

    Here are a few pictures of Anton Belmonté and his company using the 3m PSP+system to film The Sound Of Music UK tour and Jesus Christ Super Star UK tour, feel free to use them on Twitter you can follow us @lx2_london. They are making the EPKs (Electronic Press Kit) for the shows.

  • Polecam / I-Movix X10 Slow motion

    Want to see how they get the slow motion shots behind the goal at those important football matches? They don't come any more important than Barcelona v Real Madrid at the Camp Nou with a capacity on 98000!
    Polecam and the I-Movix X10 are the perfect combination. Fot the technical people out there its 400 images a second in 1080i.

  • Polecam at CabSat 2015

    Polecam at Cabsat 2015

    Polecam can be seen at the Dubai show on the Ikegami stand. The Polecam, seen here with a Narrow Head and the Ikegami HDL-23 fitted with the new HD Fujinon 4mm lens (TF4XA-1).

    Ikegami have 2 set-ups here in Dubai. A 2 section PSP+ on a Vinten DV12 tripod and a standalone head with a table mount.

  • Sam Berrido up the Shard with Monkey!!!!!

    Polecam used for Commercial

    Getting a call to see if I would be up for using my Polecam on the top of the Shard was slightly out of the ordinary! Having discussed the what they needed, it seemed they originally wanted a way to get the camera clear of the building to shoot back-plates for the chromakey elements they were shooting later. When the director realised what Polecam could deliver my involvement increased quite a bit!

  • Steve Rausch gets Focused in the Operating Room!

    Polecam in an Operating Theatre

    Polecam has become the go-to system for SVC International as they produce videos of surgical cases that are very hard to document. These include heart valve repair/replacement and other minimally invasive procedures such as stent placement. These photos are from a recent procedure done at the Heart Center at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA.