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Archived News Stories

  • Academy of Country Music

    Polecam on the job for the 2013 ACM (Academy of Country Music) Newcomers Showcase that aired on GAC (Great American Country) network at various times from January 21st through February 5th.


    Polecam is above the bar! Host Storme Warren and country artist Hunter Hayes with Polecam positioned behind the bar. What's your pleasure?
    Perhaps a shot of the crane?

  • BVE South 2013 Stand G16 - See you there!

    % Reasons to try a Polecam at BVE South 2013


    1. See how life looks through the World's smallest HD tracking zoom lens, Resolve Optics Z10-HDcf

    2. Polecam launch their eagerly awaited Interface Unit MKIII with new and enhanced features

    3. Experience the benefit of using a Polecam Starter Pack (psp+) with a Canon C300


  • SVT/Golinema visit

    Polecam SVT

    Steffan recently visited SVT in Stockholm, Swedish state television to demo/train present and future Polecam operators. Also present were representatives of Mediatek.

    The next day was spent at the Gokinema Show in Gothenberg supporting Michael Hofmann (left) at the tradeshow. Also supporting the show was Sweden's #1 operator Tommie rekstad of Pink Elephant (right).

  • When Greg Met Kim

    Polecam on location

    The youngest member of the "Polecam " team Greg Carlisle has his first taste of location work. First job ever and he has a radio and he couldn't keep his hands off the talent (Kim Woodburn). He'll go far!.......and yes he can build and fly a Polecam!!!!

  • Polecam at CabSat 2012

    CabSat 2012

    Jeremy Curtis (Polecam) with Mike Purnell (Argosy) and the Polecam Starter Pack. Day one of the CabSat exhibition.

  • Polecam in Africa gets rave reviews

    Cutting Edge Productions

    Cutting Edge Productions took their new Polecam to Africa and it was recently in use over in Swaziland;
    Tim Matthews of Cutting Edge says "It worked beautifully and had my client on cloud nine".
    "He couldn't get over the shots we were getting and how quick the Polecam was to rig".
    "The last time we'd done any jib work with him was with the Jimmy Jib, although not in Africa.
    It was a warehouse in Southampton, so very similar, both have lousy roads and you don't trust the water"!!

  • Oops - We did it Again!


    Studio 8 in Moscow, who have 14 Polecams in their arsenal of toys, have had a little accident.

    It happened last Sunday - on the last day of the European Beach Football Cup in Moscow.  Studio 8 had three Polecam rigs there. Two had been set-up for in-goal shots, and one of them took the hit. After the hit the rig was still in service, with the shot readjusted. However, they could not tell you us name of the lucky footballer who actually scored!

  • On the road with Snow Patrol

    Filming Snow Patrol with Polecam

    Day starts by building and flying a truss, attaching a 60 foot by 32 foot stealth screen then patching in the processors and power, followed by some fault finding. Then its off to run in the 10 camera cables and looms and set the three robocams, 7 minicams and one long lens camera ALL BEFORE I can get started on my Polecam. Who said rock n roll was glamorous???????

  • 3D Camera Crane on a Gondola

    Portable camera crane

    Proving a Polecam can go just about anywhere, Veteran owner / operator John Gillan carefully inserted his 3D Polecam into a Gondola in Venice for a documentary channel. "I managed to get some new and unique angles as we passed through the historic canals. Moving from high angles down to water level and from one side of the gondola to the other. I can't imagine any other way to get these types of shots without a Hollywood budget. As quick as it was to place the polecam onboard, we were then able to take it out and position it on one of the many small romantic bridges and shoot the gondola going under".