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Archived News Stories

  • Polecat new web site

    Live music specialists Polecat Cameras have recently updated their web site.

    The Polecam owner operators also work within the corporate and TV industry and have achieved many accredited jobs over the years.

    spacer Polecat web site
  • Christmas at the Cathedral

    Polecam filming in a Cathederal spacer Polecam filming in a Cathederal

    One tradition for the St. Joseph's Cathedral is a holiday concert called Christmas at the Cathedral. It's a concert to celebrate the season that features the South Dakota Symphony and some world class singers. The concert is held 7 times in 4

  • News from Western Jib

    Polecam at the Asian Games

    Bill Bruvold's team have been busy lately what with the big sporting event in London this summer as well as Curling and the Asian Winter Games in Kazakhstan.

  • NEW Polecam Demo by Bachir

    Polecam demo reel by Bachcam Films by bachcam

    Bachir at Bachcam Films is very excited to present his new Polecam demo. we liked it too!
  • GV Expo in Washington DC

    Polecam Camera Crane

    Steffan Hewitt and Greg Salman attended the GV Expo in Washington at the end of November 2012.

    This Government Video Show was for all video departments for the American Government.

    Visitors to the Polecam stand included NASA, DOD, Army, Navy, Airforce, Homeland Security and the Judiciary.

    Washington TV and Film people also attended the event.

    Polecam were showing the new Resolve Optics Z-10 zoom lens as well as it being shown by IO Industries on their Flare2K camera.