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Archived News Stories

  • A look back to the Rome Swimming Championships!

    Polecam Fishface underwater camera system

    Mauro Lelardi reminded us today of the fun he had filming the World Swimming Championships in Rome in 2009 with a Polecam FishFace system - he did enjoy the Synchronised Swimming!

  • JG Broadcast deploys 2 Polecams at the LA Auto Show

    LA Auto show being filmed using the Polecam camera crane

    John Gillan had his Polecams on the Jaguar/Land Rover stand as well as the Ford stand at the LA Auto Show.

    Showing for the first time was a Toshiba IK-HD1 fitted with the new Fujinon XT17sx4 5DA-R11. Zoom, Iris & Focus (ZIF) can be controlled by the Polecam ZIF handle mounted at the back of the pole.

    Greg Salman flew John's 2nd rig fitted with a Camera Corps HD Minizoom.

  • Handball Champions League in Germany

    Polecam filming Handball Championships

    Christoph Steuer covered the national and world feed for Sky during the first week in October and November. ….and don't forget to have a look at this way of Handball coverage too…..

  • Sharnbrook Studios and The Rebellion!

    Students using Polecam camera crane

    Ally Adams and the rest of the team from The Rebellion got together at Sharnbrook Studios, (part of Sharnbrook College) on November 24th, to start work on a series of music videos for the local artist Simone Policella.  They used a borrowed Polecam to get  many of the shots, which the artist said were unrivalled to any other video she had done before, and beautifully engaged the audience with the shots.

  • Union J video with Sam Berrido

    Filming Union J with Polecam camera crane

    Here is some GoPro footage (see video) of me using my Polecam for a gig with Union J last week, in the lowest ceilinged venue ever! The wire strut system worked really well, and the pictures from the Polecam were great.

  • FishFace & Pico debut for Swimming & Diving Analysis

    Slow motion swimming with Polecam and Antelope Pico

    Polecam recently visited the Luton Active Pool to test out the FishFace system with an Antelope Pico to record Ultra-Motion of swimmers and divers.

    "The aim of this was two-fold," said Steffan Hewitt, owner of Polecam. "Firstly to validate the system and generate footage for future events and secondly as a training tool for the coaches."

  • New Polecam Promo

    If a Picture is a Thousand Words then this video is a Best Seller!
    Watch and enjoy - this is what it's all about!

    This short promo showcases our fantastic polecam with up to 14ft of reach. This footage was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III which has been cut directly alongside footage shot with a Sony F55, PDW700, PMW500 and HDX900. It's set up in 15 mins and adds real production value to any shoot.

  • A Polecam working day for RedBull…...Cliff Diving/Thailand

    Red Bull Cliff Diving - Polecam

    It starts with an e-car to the beach (6am in the morning), waiting for the speedboat at a wonderful Thai beach, driving by boat to some lonely rocks somewhere in nowhere, after reaching destination big question:
    how to bring 100kg equipment to a 30m high Polecam-platform? - by rope!

    After that the camera guys climbing to the top, build up the polecam on a really small platform, beautiful view, changing filters or cleaning the lens is a challenge… I needed 6 minutes to reach the end of my boom, because I couldn't walk to the end I had to climb.

    It was a big Polecam Adventure! :)

  • Polecam is now Front & Centre with Muse!

    Rob Wick is still touring with Muse and the Polecam.

    See this new promo which features the Polecam heavily.

    Good job Rob.


  • Mencap Little Noise Sessions

    Mencap Little Noise sessions for Chanenl 4

    John Gillan of JG Broadcast back in action for 'Little Noise Sessions' for Ch4. "This is the 4th year I've done this gig at an old church. It turns the best place to put the Polecam was in the pulpit! It just fit. I use the fantastic Toshiba HD1 camera with a 2.8mm lens, recording onto a Nano Flash recorder.