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Archived News Stories

  • Tom Paterson Goes Panasonic GH4

    Polecam crane and GH4 4k Camera System

    There's nothing like being the first to try out something new especially when its a new client! See pictures from recent Nike job in Manchester, UK.
    The all new Panasonic GH4 camera, introduced only a few months ago, is just ideal for the Polecam.
    It has something that Canon, as yet, cannot compete with - WiFi camera control.

  • Red Bull Cliff Diving in Wales

    Red Bull cliff diving in Wales

    Christoph Steuer sends us these photos from the Red Bull Cliff Diving in Wales, UK. Last stop for the finals in Thailand.

  • Positive Angle Media finds an Amazing Space!

    Polecam Camera Crane

    Chris Smith of Positive Angle Media has sent in these pics of him shooting with his PSP+ for Amazing Spaces which airs on Channel 4 in the UK on the 24th October at 8pm. There have already been two more series signed off. That will be at least 100 shoot days most of which will be utilising the Polecam.

    'I can't believe how easy it was to use and what great production value it's added to the programme ad the Canon 5D mkIII works a treat.'

  • Polecam Fashion

    Polecam Fashion

    The Polecam, A fashion Daniel Hanit

  • Muse and Polecam

    Rob Wick of Polecat Cameras Ltd sent in this great clip from the Muse tour who have written their Polecam into the gig itself..
    - checkout the glasses..

  • Polecam in the Oman

    Red Bull Cliff Diving

    Oman! The finale! The last tour stop of Red Bull Cliff Diving in 2012.

    Temperatures of 45 ┬░ C, extreme humidity and work in almost 30m height on slippery rocky ground ...
    This is not exactly the friendliest location.

  • Muse gets hit by a Polecat!

    Polecat Cameras equipment

    Rob Wick and Polecat Cameras hits the road with Muse this month.