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Archived News Stories

  • OffTrax TV-Bay Interview

    OffTrax polecam operators

    Interview with Jonathan Dennis of Off Trax (interview for TV-Bay magazine)

    Off Trax was set up in 1995 to fill a gap in the market as a specialist light grip company offering a unique dry and wet equipment hire service to the television and film industries.
    We are three partners, Crispin Kyle. Doug Urquhart and myself, Jonathan Dennis.
    We have a sister company, Electra, a broadcast video facilities company providing equipment and crew to the television industry.

  • Polecam For News Broadcast


    North of England news correspondents taking advantage of the Polecam system's portability. Ideal for on-the-go, outside broadcast.

  • Polecam Camera Crane beats Techno-crane!

    Polecam Crane

    I was shooting a commercial for a well know soft drink manufacturer. It was shot at Bolton Wanderers Football Club over 2 days and it was freezing! The first day was just to set up and rehearse some moves of the football action that would happen the following day using some actors plus a famous football personality. 8 hours into the first day their crew was still setting up and positioning the massive Techno-crane they had also brought in for the job. It dwarfed my Polecam which I had set up to over 8 metres before the Techno was out of its box.

  • Flying Over BMW

    Luis Miguel Cordova is the first Owner Operator in Spain to use the new Polecam Wide Head; he loves it and this is one of the first videos he has produced using the new Wide Head on his Polecam Camera Crane!
    Twitter links: @lapolecam, @lmcordova, @Polecam_

    la Polecam y BMW from onbroadcast on

  • 3D Imaging Technology

    Paul Dempster, Director of Sales & Marketing at Toshiba Imaging Systems (USA) has written an article published by Photonics Tech Briefs. (you can download the pdf of this article here)

    Polecam provided images of 3D rigs showing how we utilise our camera crane system with dual Toshiba IK-HD1 cameras.

    Polecam has a wealth of experience in 3D and is currently developing a 3D FishFace (Polecam's underwater remote head) that will be used during the London Games this summer.

    In conjunction with Camera Corps Polecam will

  • Polecam's unique camera crane in Bedlam shoot

    Polecam Underwater head

    Picture the scene - A dead girl in a swimsuit floats on the surface of a brightly lit swimming pool,  blood washing around her  cut wrists. The camera sits on the surface, half showing the body and face beneath, half the deserted poolside. A young couple burst through the doors at the far end, and, seeing their friend in the water the man dives in and splashes forward to collect her in his arms. The camera lifts and spins as he realizes she is dead and screams his anguish to the ceiling. End of scene with camera looking straight down on the bloody pair.