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Archived News Stories

  • Fencing in London

    Fencing promo for Eurosport

    Bachir took the Eurostar to London for a fencing promo for Eurosport. Looking forward to seeing the finished article!

  • Friday Fashion Show

    Students at Sharnbrook Sixth Form using Polecam for a production

    Students at Sharnbrook Sixth Form, Bedfordshire, recently had the opportunity to use a Polecam in one of their productions, the 'SUS Fashion Show' 2016.

  • Welcome to Bluefin TV

    Bluefin Television with Polecam Camera Crane

    Ant sent us this pic of his new toy. Welcome!

  • Polecam does the 2016 London Marathon

    Cutting Edge Productions filming with Polecam Camera Crane

    Tim & Alan Matthews of Cutting Edge Pictures were at this year's London Marathon with the Polecam & C300 providing pictures to the Lucozade Sport screen at Mile 23.

  • NYC Auto Show 2016

    John Goillan at the NYC 2016 Auto Show

    John Gillan of JG Broadcast Jibs Ltd supplied 3 polecam rigs for this year's New York Auto Show for Ford, Jaguar/ Land Rover and Honda stands.

    "I do a lot of these shows and Polecam is becoming more and more popular. My 3 Polecam rigs all had stabilised gimbal heads and I used the Toshiba IK HD1 camera with Fujinon 17x zoom lens. It's a perfect combo for these jobs" says John.

  • Steve Cowper Recent Work

    Insomnia Event filmed with Polecam camera crane

    Job 1: Insomnia 57 Gaming event NEC, Mar 2016
    Rig: Polecam with PXW-FS5 and 18-105 lens, Marshall monitor, HDSDI live output to web.

  • Polecam on the spot!

    Polecam Camera Crane filming laundry

    Steve Rausch with Focused Motion used his Polecam to take the spots out! The job was to capture a product demonstration for a laundry detergent built for delicate fabrics. What's neat about the product is it's engineered for cool water and can be used to hand wash or machine wash.

  • Polecam ‘mooves' into Squash

    Filming Squash with Polecam Camera Crane

    Nev Appleton of brought in the Polecam Pico with Mark Sallaway operating for some tests and the Canary Wharf round of the PSA tour in England.

    Shooting at 200fps allowed some rather unique angles!

  • 'Wildernis Onderwater’ (Underwater Wildlife)

    Widernis shoot with Polecam Camera Crane

    The last couple of months Thijn Teeuwissen en Edo Kuipers have been working on a new project, a series of wildlife documentaries about the wilderness underwater, which will be broadcasted by the Dutch public channel EO NPO1 on April 2016. For the shoot they did several tests with the Polecam Fishface and different types of cameras from Toshiba and the good-old Iconix.

  • Polecat is out on tour again with Muse!

    Polecat cameras with the Polecam system filming Mews on tour