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0.7X Wide Angle Adapter

The 0.7X Wide Angle Adapter has been designed Specifically for use with the Fujinon TF4XA-1 4mm 3CCD HD lens. Converts the 4 mm prime lens to a 2.8 mm focal length whilst maintaining the high definition 200 cycle performance of the prime.

Dimensions of the Adapter are 60.5 mm diameter and 34 mm long. The adapter mounts on to the TF4XA-1 via the 30.5 mm external thread on the front of the prime. The Adapter has an M60 x 0.5 thread on the front to facilitate the mounting of filters.

The MTF curve below shows the performance of the Wide Angle Adapter. Please note that when measuring the performance of an adapter that works with a prime lens the MTF is measured as Angular Frequency in cycles per milliradian. In this instance 0.40 mr is equal to 100 cycles. The 387-000 Wide Angle Adapter will increase the Horizontal FOV from 71° to a minimum of 95°.


  • Converts Fujinon TF4XA-1 4mm to 2.8mm focal
  • Ultra Hi-Definition compatible
  • Screws to existing 4mm Prime lens
  • Cost effective solution
  • Ideal for On-Boards and In-car
0.7x Wide Angle Adaptor
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Data Sheet for 0.5x Wide Angle Adaptor 0.7x Wide Angle Adaptor